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How to prepare yourself and the interior for the winter in 10 steps

Before the calendar winter another month, and bad weather alreadyWith might and main roam the Russian streets. How to prepare yourself, your home to meet with the cold, while not losing heart and staying in a good mood? In the review - ten practical tips Are you ready to adequately meet the winter cold, without feeling sad and sad? How to prepare yourself and an apartment for the winter, so that life was filled with interesting events, as well as a rainbow mood? Winter - it's time to try new hobbies, change something in the interior. Our advice will help you prepare for the cold and change your attitude towards this time of year.

1. Time to love and pamper yourself

Sign up for the gym, fitness or dance. Begin to master skates, skis, snowboard. Learn to knit, draw, or just read interesting books. Take care of any business that gives you a positive charge. It is a reliable ally in strengthening immunity. Favorite hobby will cause hormones of joy and improve mood. If your state of health and emotions are in order, then this will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your interior.

2. Preparing the windows for winter

Before the onset of colds, be sure to prepareWindows in the house. They need to be washed well both inside and out. If the windows are clean, sunlight will better penetrate into the room. Check the drainage system so that the channels are not clogged. Be sure to insulate the windows. For these purposes, there are seals (they are sold in construction stores). After all the water-warming procedures, do not forget about the beautiful decor of the window. Buy a new tulle, curtains of brighter colors. Green plants on the windowsill will remind you of the summer, if you put them there. You will not be afraid of any winter, if the windows are insulated, clean and beautifully decorated.

3. Large pre-winter audit

Before winter colds come, create your ownThe weather in the house. This is for you, but first you need to carry out a seasonal audit. The time comes for warm clothes, fluffy carpets, soft woolen blankets. Get rid of all the old, shabby, unsightly. Maybe you should buy something new. Remember, there is an unspoken law: that something should come, it is necessary that something should decrease. Look at your interior with the eyes of the guest who came to your house. Our opinion: - For summer shoes, which will have to be postponed until warm days, determine the storage locations. These can be baskets or boxes. For example, different in color, with bright accents. So you not only can successfully hide unnecessary shoes, but also make the interior more diverse. But with bicycles or scooters will be more difficult. Now they do not belong in the corridor. If you have a basement - there is nothing to worry about, but if not, then you will have to think a little about storage systems. Of course, you can send the whole thing to the balcony, if there is enough space, or to come up creatively - to make brackets or hooks and hang your summer transport right in the apartment. In Europe today they do this quite often. Sometimes it looks very successful and stylish.

4. Change the scenery

Specialists in the field of psychology and designRecommend filling the space of the winter interior with warm color shades. The easiest way to do this is with the help of textiles, without resorting to global repair. Tissues can have a powerful effect on a person, or rather, on an emotional background (perception). For a winter interior, use dense, warm fabrics: velvet, wool, cotton. So the atmosphere will warm you in the winter. A soft bright plaid or fleecy blanket will replace the covers on the couch or armchairs, if you do not want to sew them. Do not forget about decorative pillows. They are able to transform the most unsightly interior.

5. Color leaders

Among the undisputed leaders in the winter colorThe marathon are terracotta, brown, red and golden tones. And they set a sunny mood and stimulate an increase in optimism, orange and yellow. Do not get carried away in red, although it charges powerful energy. In small doses, it will help to relieve fatigue and encourage active action. Warm colors visually reduce the space and make it more comfortable. In a cool interior, add warm accents with textiles and accessories. So the space will be filled with the atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

6. The native smell

The smell of the home is especially relevant in winterCold. You want to come home faster, wrap yourself in a blanket and warm yourself in a soft armchair. During this period, use aromatic flavors with natural odors, such as ginger, vanilla, coffee, almonds, cinnamon, bergamot, sandalwood or rosewood. Citrus flavors also work great. They remind us of the winter holidays. The flame of a candle and pleasant aroma work faultlessly. Excellent mood and comfortable atmosphere are guaranteed to you. In winter, choose thick candles. If one composes them and lights them, they will create the illusion of a big fire.

7. More light

Shortage of sunlight in winter is necessaryCompensate with additional lighting sources. At the armchair, place the floor lamp. On the wall hang sconces, lamps. Make light installations. Color garlands on the door or window aperture will add a festive mood.

8. Decorating yourself

You will not be bored ever if you canHandicraft! Winter is the most suitable time for your favorite hobby. One of the most popular types of needlework is knitting. To someone who has not mastered it, there is just an excuse to learn how to do this on long winter evenings. And the one who already knows how to knit - without problems will create amazing things with his own hands. Knitted plaid, decorative cushions, covers for vases, pouffes, flower pots - all this brings warmth and comfort to the space. If you connect the "clothes" for the brewer, then the tea will not cool down quickly. And your pets will be immensely grateful to you for the gizmos associated with them.

9. Natural wood

A natural tree will fill the space with heat andPositive energy. This can be as pieces of furniture, or simple accessories. If you can buy them - great! And if not, you can easily do something with your own hands. For example, a small coffee table, an original shelf for books. The usual stump perfectly fits into the winter interior.

10. Strengthen immunity

Place houses with vases filled with oranges andTangerines. So you will replenish the stocks of vitamin C, strengthen immunity and create a beautiful, mood-raising environment. And most importantly - dress for the season, observe the correct diet and sleep, move more and surround yourself with positive people. And at home create a warm sunny atmosphere. Our opinion: - By the way, about storing vegetables and fruits at home. To do this, choose the coolest place in the apartment. And remember that they can not be put on batteries. Potatoes need to limit the amount of light. You can put beets on it. Carrots are best folded into a cardboard box. In order not to lose it, use horseradish - one root for 20 medium carrots. It is better to store the beet in a box, sprinkling it with sand. It should be ensured that the sand is always moist. Garlic is well preserved if placed in a tissue bag.