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How to add a Scandinavian style of coziness: an apartment project in Moscow


This small Moscow apartment will fall in loveeven those who thought they could not stand Scandinavian interiors Despite the fact that the Scandinavian style has been at the peak of popularity for a long time, many reproach it for its excessive simplicity and lack of comfort. Those who are close to this point of view will certainly like the project of a Moscow apartment, created by Evgenia Ignatova. We will tell you how to take the best from the Scandinavian style and create a cozy, romantic, light interior on its basis. Evgenia Ignatova, interior designer In the field of design - since 2008. Graduated from the Institute for European Design (IED) in Barcelona. Heads his own design studio Ignatova Interiors. She founded the Russian-Spanish courses for designers Design Experience, is the coordinator of this project. The interior of this small Moscow apartment cannot be strictly limited by the Scandinavian style. Rather, it is a variation on the theme of Scandinavian interiors, adjusted in favor of comfort and coziness. Despite the modest size of the apartment, the designerManaged to place all the most necessary: ​​a functional kitchen area, a dining area for 6-8 seats, as well as a recreation area and reception. Obviously, hospitable and hospitable hosts live here. The kitchen is very compact.The space is used efficiently without being overloaded with hinged shelves. Thanks to the placement of the countertop along the window, the working area of ​​the kitchen has increased. Apparently, the owners of the apartment love to cook and often eat at home: there is quite a lot of space for storing dishes and other kitchen utensils, there is a spacious sink. Our opinion: - Please note: if you move bar stools to the window, you can use this part of the tabletop as a bar counter, which is very convenient for breakfast and snacks. The color scheme of the interior is quite unusual:on the one hand, there are traditional light walls and white furniture. On the other hand, there is a fairly wide variety of pastel shades, organically combined with each other. Evgenia Ignatova, interior designer: - Customers - a young family - asked to create the most lightweight and not overloaded interior. Love for the European with a light touch of Scandinavia united everything in this project. In the future, the customer plans to create paintings for her interior herself. Note:in the recreation area with a fireplace, the walls are painted gray, close to the cold shade of concrete. Thanks to this, the fireplace flame and the armchair with unusual upholstery, contrasting, look even more cozy accents. Our opinion: - Cute little things belonging to the owners of the apartment add coziness to the apartment. Books, travel souvenirs, mini-collections - all this helps to make the space more habitable and personalized.

How to make the interior more comfortable

In the design of this small apartment in Moscow used a lot of techniques by which Scandinavian interior has become much more gentle and home. Take note!

  • Use textiles. Curtains, carpets, pillows will add comfort to the interior and visually, and in fact.
  • Choose for colored accents pastel colors. A gentle palette will soften the situation, make it visually much more comfortable.
  • In whatever style the interior was designed, notBe afraid to bring into it some elements of styles traditionally associated with coziness: country, provence, eco-style, rustic ... Just a few elements, borrowed from the arsenal of these styles, can make the interior more soft and comfortable.
  • Use the elements of decor in the patchwork style. Very cozy solution, which is also quite popular now.
  • Get a bio fireplace. You'll see how he will transform the living room and instantly become its semantic center.