How to Meet the Fall: 10 Important September Affairs

We have 10 great ideas for getting rid of the autumnMelancholy. How to add home comfort and recharge your batteries for the whole fall? What needs to be updated, bought, planted? You will find answers in our article September - a wonderful time. The weather is still good and you can do so much work! We offer for the beginning to prepare for the beginning of cold weather and try to protect yourself from the autumn spleen. And we'll tell you about what exactly is worth doing now.

Idea No. 1. Update the hallway

The approach of autumn is a good reason to look atIts hallway in a new way. Very soon it will have to place wet coats, rubber boots, voluminous outer clothing, headgear - and only competently organized space will help to solve these problems without sacrificing purity and style. Our authors know, try, and everything will turn out!

Idea number 2. Buy an umbrella stand

Even if in your ideally organizedHallway all the shelves and hooks - it certainly does not have enough special vase for wet umbrellas, you guessed it? Hurry up - and meet the whole rainy season!

Idea No. 3. Transform the garden

In a secret ... Most recently, our experts called, and also told,. Hurry with the positive changes in your garden, until the rains are not charged for a long time.

Idea # 4. Order the robot vacuum cleaner

More clothes, more shoes, more dust - andDo not want to deal with all this ... And do not! Our help you to decide on a technology assistant at home (by the way, there are already washing robots and vacuum cleaners).

Idea number 5. Glazing the balcony and equipping the cabinet

If you have been going to repair for a long timeBalcony, but there was no suitable occasion, start right now. September - an excellent incentive to catch everything before the onset of cold weather. As an option - you can glaze the balcony or loggia and arrange an office there. By the way, we have the whole, including the option of a personal office on the balcony.

Idea number 6. Buy a coffee machine

What an autumn without a rug, a good book and a cupFragrant coffee? By the way, about coffee: do you know that coffee machines have long become not just household appliances, but a real element of decor? We collected for you, with prices and addresses of shops. Hurry to be surprised and choose, because an excellent coffee is not a luxury, but an acute seasonal necessity.

Idea number 7. To please the cat with a new house

Let the pet get a little SeptemberChanges! We picked it up, and one of them will definitely suit you. Well, if you do not have a cat yet, it's time to start it. Do not lose this idea! In addition, purring is an excellent accompaniment for autumn evenings.

Idea No. 8. Make a knitted shade

The worse the weather, the more time we spend at home. In this there are many advantages: you can do needlework and create, for example, a unique and cozy.

Idea number 9. Choose a comfortable sofa

In the rain and bad weather especially want a homeWarmth and comfort. If your sofa does not give this feeling for a long time, it's time to replace it. Our advice on how, will help determine the mechanisms and not to lose.

Idea number 10. Establish a bio fireplace

With the sofa figured out, the lampshade made, tastyCoffee is provided, what is not enough? .. Biofire! Thanks to the inventors of this miracle, the heat and comfort center can be accommodated even in a city apartment. Detailed information on that, we just recently shared with you. The plans are huge - and we believe that you will succeed. After all, even half of the items on this list will make your September much more comfortable and warmer. Have time for everything!