10 fashionable architectural trends in 2014


New technologies and materials dictate how modern architecture should look, what is now popular and why. Let's get acquainted with the most fashionable architectural trends of 2014

Architecture does not stand still. Every day something new and unusual is invented, but one thing remains unchanged: when building a house, all attention is focused on the person, his needs and comfort. We want to present to you 10 architectural trends, which continue to gain momentum this year.

1. Passive houses

In a passive environmentally friendly house, you cansay goodbye to the traditional heating system and batteries, and the cost of electricity will be reduced by 80-90%. How do you like this proposal? The whole secret is that the structure is sealed as much as possible so that fresh air enters only through a special ventilation system and then passes through a heat exchanger. In such houses, heat is generated passively - with the help of solar energy, which penetrates through large windows. It should not be forgotten that people and electrical appliances are also sources of heat. Externally, passive houses are usually no different from ordinary ones.

2. A place for relaxation

Modern life is full of stress, every day ittests us for strength. A huge amount of information, telephones, noise, frantic city rhythm ... I would like to escape to some quiet place where you can relax and recuperate at least for a while. Recently, most people prefer to arrange such a paradise in their own home. Home SPA is now more popular than ever, and many already have a jacuzzi, for example. Indeed, why go through the whole city and pay a lot of money to enjoy pleasant procedures, if you can pamper yourself with them at home even every day?

3. Prefabricated buildings

This trend has affected not only residential buildings, butAnd office buildings, hotels, shops. When building them, prefabricated building blocks and walls are used, as well as components that are assembled into a single whole already on the spot. The most real Lego! At the same time, money is saved considerably, much less time and labor is spent on building, plus it is easier to manage the project at times.

4. Open lay-out

More and more people want to live in a house with an openPlanning, where you can change the configuration of rooms in accordance with their needs and preferences, and not once. And in the trend multifunctional premises. So, for example, children can do their homework, sitting at a comfortable bar counter, while the mother will be right next to cooking.

5. Outdoors

If before architects designed cozyPatios, gardens and terraces, now they pay special attention to the creation of whole rooms in the open air. The area near the house can turn into two accounts into a functional living space. This solution is especially important for regions with mild climate, but in colder countries the open room will be popular in the warmer months.

6. Protection against natural disasters

None of us is immune from floods,Fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, all the more so if we recall the continuing changes in the climate. And now the architects are trying to protect their projects from natural disasters, using special materials and technologies for construction.

7. Storage systems

People tend to acquire a huge amountdifferent things, and then long search for where to hide all this. Each thing has its own place. Lots of storage space is a great way to fight clutter. One of the architectural trends this year is the development of all kinds of solutions for organizing storage systems. To this end, every corner of the house needs to be used to the maximum, whether it be boxes under the steps of the stairs or roomy niches in the wall.

8. Kitchen - the focal point of the house

Modern kitchen is not just a place forcooking. It is the heart of the house and can be used for a variety of purposes. Architects try to make this room as spacious and multifunctional as possible so that the whole family can spend as much time as possible. The kitchen should not be in some remote part of the house, but where it will always remain in the center of attention.

9. Health first of all

A beautiful house is, of course, good, butIt is necessary to remember that its main task is to make your stay in it comfortable and safe for health. Architects are now trying to minimize the use of hypoallergenic and potentially harmful materials, which may not have a very positive impact on your well-being. Therefore, the application of natural materials came to the first place: stone, wood, leather.

10. Old construction in a new light

Interesting architecture does not always implyThe construction of something completely new. Looking at unusual modern projects, we can identify another trend - the use as a basis for historical, industrial buildings around which new houses are being built.,,,,,,,