Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Where in the same room to make a bedroom, study, dressing room: the project apartment


Everyone who lives in small apartments has encounteredwith a dilemma: to make an office, a dressing room or a normal bedroom. Today we will prove that all these zones can be made at once in a one-room apartment. This apartment is located in a typical panel house of the II-67 series. Its area is 40.9 square meters and it belongs to a middle-aged couple. The apartment was in very poor condition, with old plumbing, crooked floors and peeling wallpaper. Marina Sargsyan has transformed her beyond recognition. Marina Sargsyan, designer-decorator Has been in the profession since 2005. She was born into the family of an artist who taught Marina to plunge into art with her head, to see beauty in the most primitive objects. She graduated from the Technical University, the School of Design, specialized courses in the training center "Career", attended design master classes in Finland. It was very pleasant for me to work with this married couple, literally in one breath, with full confidence, and this is one of the main factors influencing the creation of an impeccable design project.

Marina Sargsyan Most of all married coupleI wanted their small apartment to have a full-fledged sleeping place with a comfortable bed, as isolated as possible from prying eyes. And I also needed a workplace with the ability to sit at a computer. I really wanted to place the built-in wardrobes on the balcony, which Marina did, and the colors were to be in gray and lilac tones.


The redevelopment for this apartment was simpleis necessary. There was a small alcove in the room, which was converted to a dressing room, and a small dark room-pantry at the entrance was converted to a wardrobe. The question with a berth was solved with the helppartitions. The room was divided into zones - a living room and a bedroom. Marina Sargsyan, designer: - At the same time, we placed the bedroom area a little atypically - closer to the window. Together with our customers, we decided that waking up is much more pleasant when the sun begins to caress your face. Opposite the bed is a console table, at which you can sit with a laptop, or even use it as a dressing table.


All furniture was selected in the Provence style.And the partition between the bedroom and the living room also performs a useful function of a showcase from the side of the living room. Small wardrobes with closed fronts - for small items and books in the bedroom area. Living room-bedroom:

  • Bed - Dream Land (model "Gyula").
  • Bedside tables, console table, high chest of drawers and chest of drawers under the TV - "Interior shop".
  • Soft group - selection in The Furnish.
  • Built-in closet cabinets - made to order.
  • Doors - Solo Landoor, color Latte.
  • Light - MW-Light Bouquet, built-in lamps - Donolux.


  • Kitchen furniture - Verona Vintage (Verona Mobili).
  • Dining group - Verona Mobili.
  • The folding sofa is the Giocondo Arte factory.
  • Light - built-in lamps of Donolux, chandelier and sconce - Favorite Corfu.


  • Sink and curbstone under the sink - IKEA, Hemnes / Odensvik.
  • Shower cabin - Nautico Econom N-80CK.
  • Toilet bowl - Jacob Delafon Odeon Up 18557k.
  • Heated towel rail - Margaroli.


The kitchen is made in gray tones in combination withshades of pale pink and lilac, which are added "drops" to the interior, as the customers wanted. Currant color has been added to curtains and kitchen facades. The living area is color-coded with a classic layout at the bottom, wallpaper with a classic geometric pattern. The floor will be covered with solid oak planks. Customers like this project and repairThe work in the apartment has already begun, the project is underway. Approximate budget for finishing materials - 500 000 rubles (without furniture, rough materials and services of the repair and construction team).