10 most unusual living rooms created by Russian architects


В сегодняшнем материале разбираем лучшие проекты living rooms of domestic production. They are often superior to Western ones. And these living rooms were also created in our not ideal Russian conditions. You will find many great ideas here. We can admire the projects of foreign architects and designers indefinitely. Surely each of us at least once drew inspiration and satisfied the craving for the beautiful, looking at the unique and truly brilliant works of "creators" from the USA, Italy or Japan. “Abroad is a forge of talents”, is this an axiom or is it a theorem? In today's article, we have selected the ten best interiors made by domestic professionals who are not only able to compete, but also often surpass the flight of thought and innovation of ideas of their foreign colleagues.

1. "Rounded square", Moscow, architect Tatyana Zhivolupova

The theme of wood in the interior of this apartment is unobtrusiveliterally unfolds from floor to ceiling. The combined area of ​​the living room, due to an interesting approach to the design of horizontal and vertical volumes of space, is clearly divided into several functional areas. In addition to the recreation area, there is a full-fledged kitchen with coal-black tiles and a noble blue headset, as well as a dining area. Perhaps the main "attraction" and the main visual center of this apartment is a decorative structure made of wood. The smooth and harmonious transformation of the floor into walls due to the slight curvature of the surface contrasts very effectively with the rest of the strict silhouettes of the interior.

2. "Labyrinth", Moscow, architects Ivan Selvinsky, Alexey Vyazminov

Minimalism is different from minimalism.If you are neat and the owner of an impressive living space, the interior of this apartment on Sadovoye is a great example to follow. The verified severity of geometric shapes and the use of contrasting colors create the impression of a kind of labyrinth of wood, metal and glass, but this is only the first impression. In fact, the functionality of the apartment does not in any way affect the coziness and comfort that the owners have created with the help of a few decor and plants. Each zone is clearly responsible for its purpose. The living room with an area of ​​70 square meters has combined the kitchen and dining area, and the “wooden structure” contrasting against the background of white walls, surprisingly, is a bathroom - a knight's move, isn't it?

3. "The Wall of Firewood", Moscow, architect Andrey Volkov

What could be more symbolic in the interior?"Russian house", rather than a traditional Russian wood-burning stove? The answer is simple - a modernized version of the stove, which, moreover, serves not only as an excellent design solution, but also corresponds to its intended purpose in heating the living space. Skillful use of every available centimeter of space in a small living room pushed the designer to create a functional niche for storing firewood. The structure of the storage system consists of strong sheets of blackened metal, welded together into an intricate shape. The heat source is always at hand - very convenient. The woody theme is continued by a handmade tea table, at the base of which there are all the same logs from the wall - a simple but very effective option for personalizing the interior. A log house treated with light facade paint and bright lighting visually expand the boundaries of the room, and a floor-to-ceiling rack with additional storage space and decor frees up a considerable part of the required space.

4. "Luxury of the panorama", Moscow, architect Sergey Konkov

This apartment is one of those that practicallyevery modern city dweller will most likely say: "dream apartment". That there is one panoramic view from the huge, from floor to ceiling glass panels, with a beautiful view of Moscow. The spacious living room has combined several areas at once: a seating area with a projector for collective movie viewing, a dining area, a large kitchen and a separate platform on a dais for receiving guests. It is this site that is a successful design decision, because it is a sin, when treating guests to tea, not to pamper them with the contemplation of a beautiful view outside the window. Teak wood, natural stone, as well as decorative elements and paintings make the interior of this home incomparable. Our opinion: - If you have a "species" living space, do not hide the beauty behind the curtains, on the contrary, open the windows wider. Do not completely abandon the matter on the windows, because the afternoon sun did not cancel. Use a light translucent tulle or fabric blinds of soft, discreet colors.

5. "White loft in the suburbs", Moscow region, the architect Zhenya Zhdanova

As obvious as it may sound, but brickthe structure is good precisely because of the brickwork. This house near Moscow is more like an example of industrialism somewhere in Brooklyn. The treated open masonry, painted white, reminds the owners of the past life in the city. The relatively small living room is zoned according to all the rules: the deep blue color of the sofa section by the fireplace, the corner kitchen with laconic white tiles and the dining area. The industrial character of the interior decoration of the living room is emphasized by a prefabricated metal staircase leading to the second floor. Decor plays an important role. Most of the interior items have their own history, because these are not new things, but bought at markets, flea markets and antique shops in different countries.

6. "Stone Orange", Moscow, architect Nadezhda Petrosyan

Designing the interior of this home, the designermade an emphasis on color, reinforcing the wow effect of the interior decoration of the living room with a noble material - natural stone. The basic color of the walls - quite calm beige - is played up with bright elements of the prevailing bright orange, which can be seen in decor items, furniture and lighting fixtures, and a stretch ceiling. Polished stone panels with an abstract nature pattern frame the screen of the Spartherm Varia Bh. The soft corner clearly distinguishes between the recreation area and the kitchen with a dining table. The living room has access to the summer terrace, where it is so cozy to sit in large poufs on summer evenings.

7. "Wood, wood and wood again", Ekaterinburg, architect Irina Shamanova

If you are the owner of a country house and do not know,what material to choose for interior decoration - you won’t go wrong. Working on the design of the living room, the architect decided to focus on the vertical volume of the room. The incomplete second floor made it possible to free part of the room from interfloor ceilings and let light in through huge windows, from floor to ridge. A fireplace with an open chimney creates coziness and a special home atmosphere for a family of four. The vaults and bare fragments of the log house deliberately emphasize the ecological style of this dwelling. The living room is connected to the kitchen-dining room, the functional spaces are zoned by the decorative portal for the frame. The color scheme is designed in several shades of wood. The clear protective lacquer on the walls and ceiling contrasts with the darker, chocolate-colored floor, furniture and decorative elements.

8. "Back to the past", Moscow, architect Nikolai Nikolaev

Minimalism or artsy hi-tech style alreadyYou will not surprise anyone, fashion tends to come back, even the one that was 200 years ago. Imagine a gentleman of the 18th century who finds himself in the 21st century - such an analogy can be drawn with the interior of the living room of this Moscow apartment. Victorian elements, Chinese porcelain, a "marble" wall with a storage system and a fireplace portal immersed in it. At first glance, this is not quite a living museum exposition, but in fact it is a very cozy place for a family vacation. The predominant color of milk chocolate determines the color scheme of this room. The mirrored sofas are matched to the color of the walls and are decorated with an abundance of pillows, the ornament of which echoes the pattern on the storage system sections. Painting from small canvases and various decorative elements, both old and modern, very harmoniously complement the image of this interior.

9. "Bachelor's House", Moscow, architects Irina and Vladimir Yakushin

There are two prerequisites for creatingthe interior of housing in the style of the first is the brickwork itself, and the second is the consent and preferences of the owner. These Moscow apartments best reflect the lifestyle of the owner - a young, successful and active person. The combination of rough, fairly aged brick with laconic pieces of furniture and multimedia give this apartment brutality and masculinity. An excellent design idea is a wall fragment placed in the center of the apartment. Separating the entrance hall and the area with a seating area, this approach to space zoning is easily applicable not only to housing, the interior of which is surrounded by bare brick. A small kitchen with shiny metal surfaces and a bar counter with spotlights are all you need for a great time, for a dinner party for several people or a noisy party until the morning. Our opinion: - Having decided to create an apartment or a separate wall with an open brickwork, you should weigh the pros and cons. Naked brick walls more easily let the cold of the street into the interior, so you should take care of the renovation of the seams and the processing of the brick itself with special protective means, which in our time can be found in abundance.

10. «Room with a fireplace», Moscow region, architect Olga Popova-Serebryakova

The interior of this living room in Gribovo near Moscowwent through more than one transformation before getting the final version. Skillful castling of utility rooms, abandoning the originally designed bath complex - and voila, a spacious room with a single center for conversations over a glass of wine. "Stendalevskoe" combination of red and black colors can be seen in the decor and furniture. Despite the presence of a dark palette, during the daytime the room is filled with light due to glass panels along the incomplete perimeter of the room. In the evening, a couple of lighting fixtures make up for the lack of light, including a tripod-mounted floor lamp and built-in LED lighting in the ceiling. sites of architectural bureaus who participated in the publication