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American style in the interior: tips and ideas how to create


American style in the interior every yearbecomes more popular, but few know exactly how it should look and what components to include. Today, together with the architectural bureau "Bakharev and partners" we will understand all the subtleties of the American style on the example of their Russian counterparts

In recent years, American style has become verypopular in Russia. Many new stores have sprung up selling American furniture. More and more customers want American-style interiors. We contacted the leading architectural bureau "Bakharev and Partners", which also works in this style, to find out what designers put into the concept of American style, how it is interpreted in Russia, what customers want and what components must be in the result is an American interior. Architectural bureau "Bakharev and partners"

Nikita and Maria Bakharevs - founders andarchitects of the Bakharev & Partners bureau. Both were born in Moscow and studied at the Moscow Architectural Institute, in 2003 they opened their own studio. Today Bakharev & Partners is a full-cycle architectural bureau and construction company with a staff of more than 50 architects. When designing objects, the bureau completely solves the issues of supplying furniture and materials, erects objects of any complexity by its own builders and craftsmen, working on a turnkey basis. The bureau's extensive portfolio includes both conservative and eclectic objects - with thoughtful décor and exceptionally functional furnishings.

- If we talk about the attitude of Russiancustomers, first of all they like practical and comfortable interiors for life. By and large, their and our preferences are very similar in many respects - Americans, like us, love everything the best, the biggest, they like wood and high-quality furniture "for ages". The US is a country of emigrants, so in the style itself there are many national citations, many motifs of respectable styles, from Art Deco and neoclassicism for example.

In addition, in the US, as in Russia,there are a large number of climatic zones, and therefore in the American style, you can find solutions for Sochi, and for the Moscow region. They will well "sit down" in the local context and will look very harmonious. I want to joke that in America at one time left a lot of Russian (cities with the name Moscow and St. Petersburg so much that it's easy to get off the count). By the way, the same Ralph Lauren or, say, the family of the Pritzker, owners of the Hyatt network, which gives the most prestigious architectural awards, are also immigrants from the Russian Empire. So, in fact, this is some kind of rethinking and the return of many of our techniques after decades.

Our new project in the style of American classics, in fact - in its New York version, but with accents to the art deco. In the setting of a lot of American furniture, above all Baker.

I really love the calm interiors a la RalphLauren and make them whenever possible. We ourselves have such a house, in the "American classics". It seemed to me that the house should be comfortable, soft and cozy. The interior is, first of all, a home, not a deliberate luxury created with the desire to impress someone. Maria Bakhareva, architect

We make the interiors "turnkey", so we usually furnish houses with even a small decoration, in textile design we provide for the design of beds, rugs, etc.

Often in our "American" interiorsIt does not use American stone - marble, travertine, onyx. Mosaic and marble panels, some items of Italian furniture and lighting. These details adorn the interior, make it a little more interesting, more diverse.

We always try to make the hall large enough andspacious. This is the "face" of the interior and the first thing that guests see. We try not to save on meters, but if space is limited, we "squeeze" everything out of it. The premises should not be overloaded with furniture and at the same time remain functional. Maria Bakhareva, architect

American interior in terms of lay-outis associated with us in the houses of Raite. These are spacious interiors with a minimum of partitions, usually zoned thematically with the help of furniture (fireplace, TV, a zone of communication with friends, etc.) if it is a living room. The living room is often combined with the dining room, a little less often with a kitchen or a lounge. The layout, like the furnishings, is often quite "symmetrical", in American interiors, attention is drawn to the abundance of paired objects, as well as the constant desire to build everything along the central axis.

In the interior of this interior in the mainAmerican brands were used - Ralph Lauren and Baker. Joinery (there are a lot of them in this project) were made to order according to our sketches. On the floor in the living room is a very complex Italian parquet floor with metal inserts, in the spacious reception hall with two chandeliers - the marble panel Sicis.

The living room is almost always combined with the dining room andkitchen. In the American interior, the kitchen is always as large as possible, of the best quality that the client can afford. Large comfortable cooking surfaces, huge "american-size" household appliances, expensive natural finishing materials - wood, metal, marble. This is a very important aspect of American luxury interiors. Maria Bakhareva, architect

As a rule, in the living room there is a zone of communication(sofa or TV zone), consisting of several massive sofas and a coffee table. The development of the living room interior is usually based on this group. On the technique the accent is not done, that is, it is only delicately present.

This is a large mansion in Gribovo, conceived (asnow it's fashionable to say) as a "house of Eden". In the interior, to a greater extent, the mistress's preferences were manifested: it is a mixture of American currents, primarily art deco, with a base in the form of urban stylistics a la Ralph Lauren, with its graphics and an abundance of accessories and design details.

To achieve the desired effect, we quite oftenwe use equipment from Sub-Zero & Wolf. She is stylish, expressive and of a very high quality. In our projects, you can see wine cabinets, refrigerators and other kitchen appliances of this American brand. Maria Bakhareva, architect

Floors for American interiors are used inmostly wooden, sometimes (especially in the central states or in the South) made of stone or slate. If we talk about American cuisine, it is always the largest, the best quality that a client can afford. Large comfortable surfaces for cooking, huge "american-size" household appliances, expensive natural finishing materials - wood, metal, marble. This is a very important aspect of American luxury interiors.

Color decoration of the American interior is oftenis reduced to white and shades of earth and wood. Surfaces of walls, as a rule, are monophonic, sometimes with texture, which is not intentionally concealed. However, often there are bold color combinations, most often color experiments can be seen in the bedrooms.

Customers wanted "just an apartment for living"good, cozy, out of time. Therefore, we took as the basis images of American classics. But since the ceilings were low, we had to fit this concept into a new form. To fit into the volumes of the premises and the budget, we simply picked up visually similar Italian brands, for example, Galimberti Nino.

Wallpapers are less common, they usually exploitgeometric or floral motifs. Preference in general is given to natural shades and materials - mostly wood and metal. Therefore, in the design of many details of wood, including valuable rocks, brass and bronze, it is slightly less possible to find forged items, gold and silver details.

Lighting in American interiors, as a rule,not focused on one source and subject to thematic zoning - the sconces are used as a backlight, and floor lamps and table lamps are switched on to illuminate one of the zones.

A lot of wooden parts and furniture we make for American interiors on order.

Another completely new project in which weapplied the techniques of the American style. In terms of details, non-woven carpets and colorful pillows with Indian or African designs can often be seen from textiles. The Americans are very fond of the theme of colonial motives and heraldic elements. In general, there is a wide variety of textiles and wood products. American interior is unthinkable without accessories - frames, candlesticks, vases, something that creates an atmosphere of home and comfort. Painting is often present in the interior.

In our projects, we often use technologySub-Zero & Wolf. The real American kitchen of the luxury class provides the appropriate equipment - recognizable and status: huge refrigerators and plates with recognizable red handles adjust the burners are very suitable for projects in the American style.

From the huge line of Sub-Zero & Wolf, the editorial team has chosen five devices that will best help create an atmosphere of New York spirit in your home or city apartment.

Refrigerator Sub-Zero ICBBI48SID

This is a classic and at the same time innovativedevice. For example, such a function as a water filter is equipped with a unique system that not only cleans water from suspended particles, but also detects chemical contaminants, viruses and bacteria. Drinking water that is filtered right in the fridge is very American.

Kitchen unit Wolf ICBDF604CF

Features of the gas cooktop Wolf withpowerful two-level hermetic burners can be supplemented with three configurations to choose from - grill, teppan and French surface. In the lower part of the plate is hidden a real technological miracle - an electric oven Wolf with double convection, here two fans and four heating elements. And still here there is a self-cleaning function and, of course, the famous red control knobs.

Wine cabinet Sub-Zero ICBBW-30

Wine closet is perfect in all respectsalternative to the cellar. Unlike most of its analogues, which only cool, the Sub-Zero wine cabinets maintain the necessary humidity and temperature. Also, cabinets prevent vibration and do not miss the ultraviolet, thanks to a bronze double glass.

Oven Wolf ICBSO30PE / S / PH

Built-in oven with ten operating modes and a special baking stone is capable of almost everything. Including the preparation of pizza, as in the very real district of Little Italia in New York.

Wolf ICBEC24 / S coffee machine

This coffee center is one of the few waysCreate a StarBucks branch in your own kitchen. With him, you can prepare "author's" coffee to your liking by pressing just one button. Including cappuccino and latte. Yes, and he is also one-touch.