Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Apartment in the spirit of the 1920's with fireplace and art-deco details -


In this spacious Moscow apartment with an area150 square meters, there was a place for the European Art Nouveau of the twentieth century, elegant decor with Art Deco elements and non-trivial design solutions. m. After conversations with the owners, analyzing their preferences and creating special moodboards, it was decided to take as a basis the style of Austro-Hungarian apartments of the late 1920s. In the process, the budget decreased slightly and the project became more restrained, but the overall style and key decorative elements remained the same. Elena Franchyan and Boris Matveev, Faber Group Elena and Boris are graduates of the Moscow Architectural Institute. In 2000, they founded their own architectural bureau, the Faber Group. For 16 years of work, many projects of private and public interiors have been implemented in Russia and other countries. Today, the bureau staff includes professional designers, architects and decorators who work in any stylistic direction and accompany the project at all stages. Layout When planning, first of all, the initial data of the apartment were taken into account: cardinal points, structural elements, windows and doorways. The existing area was divided into three functional areas: public, guest and private. Living-dining room The living room is combined with the dining room:the recreation area consists of a sofa and a TV group and is visually zoned from the dining table with a carpet. The dining area is located by the window and, due to the natural and white finish, looks spacious and very light, and the biofireplace adds the necessary amount of coziness. There are no bright color spots in the living room:the palette is very discreet and elegant. All the furniture is designed in the style of European interiors of the last century, and there is quite a lot of it, so the "dense" interior is diluted with light transparent details: dishes, coffee table surface, decorative vase and a chandelier over the dining table. Kitchen Interesting planning solution designersinvented for the kitchen. Despite the small kitchen area, the customers wanted to place quite a lot of furniture along the walls and a table for breakfast and everyday use. The only place where you can put the table,There was space at the window, so the battery was moved to the wall and set higher than usual. So at the window there was a full table with three chairs, and the radiator became a kind of decorative element. Bedrooms Both bedrooms are designed in the same style for the whole apartment, however, a new color appeared in the guest room - soft blue, and shades of blue were added to the master bedroom. A special place in the master bedroom is occupied by lighting: both the chandelier and the bedside lamps are made to order according to the sketches of the Faber Group. Cabinet Despite the small area - 9square meters, there was a place for a full-fledged desk, work chair, sofa and side table. The interior is designed in such a way that nothing will knock you out of your working mood: the colors are traditionally neutral, the furniture is comfortable, and the decor is calm. Bathrooms In the bathrooms, the emphasis is also not on bright colors, but on high-quality sanitary ware, elegant forms of furniture and noble materials: in both bathrooms, marble is used in the wall decoration. In this interior were used: Living room + dining room:

  • Sofa - Opera Contemporary by Angelo Cappellini (Italy), model Sebastian;
  • Coffee table - Barbara Barry (USA);
  • Side table - Vittorio Grifoni (Italy);
  • Showcase - Matsuoka Furniture (Japan), model Martini Cocktail Cabinet;
  • Console under the TV - Matsuoka Furniture (Japan) under the sketches of the Faber Group;
  • Dining table - Galimberti Nino (Italy);
  • Chairs at the dining table - made to order, a replica of the Art Deco chair;
  • Bio-fireplace - Planika (USA);
  • Table lamp - Bronze d'Art Francais (France);
  • Bra - Bronze d'Art Francais (France);
  • Chandelier - Barovier & Toso (Italy).


  • Table - Interna (Italy);
  • Chairs - Reflex (Italy);
  • Kitchen set - Nieburg (Germany);
  • A fully-equipped refrigerator - Liebherr IG (Germany), model 1156;
  • Fully-equipped freezer - Liebherr IG (Germany), model IKB 3650;
  • A fully-fitted wine cabinet - Liebherr IG (Germany), model WK 1802;
  • Built-in microwave oven - ZUG (Switzerland), model Miwell SL;
  • Built-in oven - ZUG (Switzerland), model Combair SL;
  • A cooking surface - Kuppersbusch (Germany), model 6141.0 F;
  • Built-in hood - Beltratto (Italy), model Slimline CSA 60V;
  • Dishwasher - ZUG (Switzerland), model Adora SL;
  • Tableware - Happy Collection (Russia);
  • Chandelier - Vibia (Italy), model 5124 Plis.


  • Bed - the property of the customer;
  • Bedside table - the property of the customer;
  • Banquet - Barbara Barry (USA);
  • Table - Cicero Asia (Philippines);
  • Chair - Cicero Asia (Philippines);
  • Pedestal - Corti Cantù (Italy);
  • Chandelier - made to order according to the sketches Faber Group factory Arte Veneziana (Italy);
  • Hanging lamps - made to order according to the sketches Faber Group factory Arte Veneziana (Italy).


  • A desk - Giorgetti (Italy);
  • Working chair - Giorgetti (Italy);
  • Sofa - Busnelli (Italy), model Aprège;
  • Side table - Hugues Chevalier (France), model Prima;
  • Table lamp - Venini (Italy), model Belboi;
  • Carpet - the property of the customer;
  • Bookcases - made to order;
  • Decor - company "TRIO-Interior" (Russia);
  • Chandelier - Il Paralume Marina (Italy);
  • Sconces - custom made.


  • Console for the sink - Oasis Group (Italy), Luxury collection, model Lutetia L6;
  • Overhead sink - Oasis Group (Italy), Luxury collection, model Lutetia;
  • Column - Oasis Group (Italy), Luxury collection, model Lutetia;
  • Bath - Villeroy & Boch (Germany), Subway collection;
  • Curtains for bath - Hüppe (Germany);
  • Toilet bowl - Geberit (Germany), model AquaClean;
  • Chandelier - Barovier & Toso (Italy);
  • Bra - Arte Veneziana (Italy).


  • Paint and altokka - "Laboratory of Marat Ka" (Russia);
  • Stone - "Marble and granite" (Russia);
  • Stucco - according to the original sketches Faber Group, supplier of "Workshop M2" (Russia).