Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Loft with a lot of interesting ideas for planning and decoration

You dream of a loft, but do not know how bestTo make re-planning, there are problems with zoning room or lighting? Using the example of a stylish Sofia loft, we'll see what interior techniques will help to solve these problems. Dimitar Karanikolov, a designer from London, worked together with his team to design and implement the interior solution of this loft for two years. The loft is located in Sofia, in the homeland of the designer. At first, the chosen room was prepared (the loft is located in a building that is still being built), then the layout was changed, and only after that the loft was furnished with furniture from the Atanas Dimitrov / Valeri Tonkov furniture studio. Dimitar Karanikolov (Dimitar Karanikolov), architect The redevelopment of the premises took about a year. Center loft made a large hollow pseudobetonny cube. Inside the cube is a large air-conditioning system, as well as a sewage system. In addition, with the help of a cube and a ladder, the designer concealed the unevenness of the floor, which turned out during the redevelopment.

Living room

The living room in the loft is central. We can say that the entire first floor is the living room. The kitchen and dining area are small. Everything is done by one large-scale studio. A large attic is seen through the glass wall-window. But back to the living room. The most important piece of furniture here is a huge bookcase on the whole wall. In alliance with a fireplace and hanging lamps on the ropes, he creates an atmosphere of the house of the British sea captain, who went on a well-deserved rest, but the memories of the sea still excite his heart. The library (in our case - the bookcase-library) as the foundation of the house of the British is the immutable foundation of the restrained interior of London apartments. Pay attention to the second part of the living room. A small comfortable sofa, low tables, ocher-olive tones - here you can clearly feel the trend of the Bulgarian architectural and interior trends. It's enough to once visit Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) to understand where the simple, but elegantly bourgeois elegance came from in the loft. Adds the charm of the floor covering in the ethnol and the brickwork of the fireplace wall.


The working surface of the kitchen table is quiteLarge, which allows him to sometimes serve and dining. The household utensils are stacked on the second shelf of the table, it is illuminated by two large hanging lamps. In the kitchen there is a large hood. The walls are tiled and painted white. Closed cabinets do not. All items are on open shelves. Looks very British.


Designers paid more attention to the sleeping area,Than other rooms. Firstly, because there are two bedrooms in the loft, and one of them is on the second floor. And secondly, because the upper bedroom is combined with the bathroom. It turned out to be technically difficult to place a sleeping place in the basement with the bathroom. The bedroom-bathroom turned out to be quite an interesting solution. At first it was revolutionary even for the authors of the project, but in practice it turned out that it was very convenient. The second bedroom is more traditional. Reminds the visualization of the interiors of Jules Verne's novels. And now you will understand why. The original wardrobe from old chests makes the second bedroom simply incredible. The simplicity of the interior solution is really impressive. Bedding, chest cabinet, window with access to the terrace is the most interesting thing that could be done in a small loft on the roof of the building. Love for bright adventures and a thirst for travel gives out a wooden chest of drawers and various pictures and a photo depicting famous in the world interesting places.

Bathroom and shower area

The bathroom of the loft is pure minimalism. Classic loft design. The walls are decorated with pseudobeton plates, neat white shells, claret cabinet with lacquered front wall. Everything speaks of restraint and high functionality of the bathroom. The owners of the loft, according to designers, do not like to waste time in vain. There is no place for empty dreams, only action in the price.


Next to the upper bedroom, on the second floor, there isA small dressing room. If there was a hipster style in the interior, the dressing room would belong to him. All the same chests, but in combination with a brick wall. All the same original steampunk lamps and coarse shoes, but in combination with an excellent design flair and a sense of style.

Loft details

We chose some of the most original interior accents of this project, its brightest raisins. Brick wall in the living room, an interesting solution withLamps, fragile at first glance, but such a reliable ladder, comfortable and comfortable workplace in the corner, behind the stairs, view of the terrace - all this makes the project unique, like a fingerprint. Custom made furniture sets the tone, confidently replacing the centuries and the era in the industrial loft, very neatly blending styles and smoothing the boundaries.

Loft drawing diagram

A few tips for those who want the same loft

  • Quality wood, dark color, concrete and regular shapes. This is the basis of the project.
  • Furniture can be the simplest, the main thing is to sustain the style.
  • In the bathroom there must be a minimum of pretentiousness. Only smooth lines and hidden lockers. The walls are smooth, painted or untreated.
  • Do not overload the living room with furniture. Sofa. Floor lamp. Low table. A few chairs. All.
  • If you want to properly zonate the room, contact the designer.