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We love to show stylish interiors andBeautiful houses, so the editorial Roomble went to visit an amazing apartment, and we invite you to see photos and video of this interesting apartment

We love to visit and show our readersReal apartments in which people live. It's one thing to photograph a newly completed design project, where everything is perfectly directed and competently chosen foreshortening, and another thing is the apartment in which they live, meet guests and where there is a cat.

Therefore, we prepared a photo report about one very stylish and "living" apartment.

If you long glance interior gloss, canIt seems that the ideal interior does not presuppose the presence of a person, it may seem that these apartments with stylish design are not intended for living, but are created solely for inspiration, like models in the fashion industry. And from the cover of the magazines we are looking at empty interiors created by a talented designer. These interiors are certainly beautiful, but they do not have life, there is no feeling that you can sit on this sofa, and cook in this kitchen - everything looks like a quality museum exposition.

Residential apartments are similar to a living organism: They change, something constantly happens in them, new objects of decor appear. We bring souvenirs from our trips, we buy paintings, we decorate the house with flowers - and all this changes the interior, makes it more frank, "homey" and cozy.

Today we will tell you about an unusual apartment, which the team of recently visited.

According to the layout, this is a typical one-room apartment in a new building,but the landlady has organized her apartment in such a way that there is a feeling of more space, although the area of ​​the apartment is only 46 square meters. Related Articles Gulnara Mityushkina, architect, interior designer:

"It was not difficult to create an interior for me, because I had a clear idea of ​​what my apartment should look like and what functional zones it should have.

Gulnara developed the project independently, and inConversation with our team the hostess admitted that she took some interior techniques on the Roomble portal, and architectural education helped her to make a competent redevelopment. Layout

In a one-room apartment, two residentialpremises: the daughter's room and the hostess's room, which can be fenced off from the kitchen area with the help of thick curtains, and, if necessary, it turns into a large living room where you can accommodate a group of friends or get together with the whole family. Related Articles

This solution for small apartments can be calledRevolutionary, because this finding with re-planning not only allowed to increase the level of comfort, but also cleverly divided the space into functional zones without violating the housing legislation. This redevelopment is legal and must be agreed, since for its production the main walls were not demolished, but the kitchen was enlarged due to the corridor and dressing room, with this kitchen equipment remaining within the non-residential area of ​​the apartment.

Due to the thoughtful planning decision, the apartment turned out bright and a sense of space appeared. Living room-kitchen

The design of the living-kitchen is done in a low-keyColor scale. All items are matched similar in finish, and the role of color accents is performed by the legendary Charles Eames chairs, which brought a sense of joy to the interior.

Behind the sofa we see a white brick wall,Painted in white, the same brick walls frame the bathroom from the kitchen and corridor, only for contrast they were painted in a dark shade.

The kitchen zone surprises with the thoughtfulness: Here every centimeter is involved and works. Cooking equipment, such as an electric oven and built-in steamer, is located in one block and at a comfortable height - 900 centimeters from the floor, it turns out that the hostess does not have to squat to check the degree of readiness of the dish.

The dishwasher is located in the lower level of the cabinets, to the right of the sink, as the mistress of the right-hand man and this arrangement of the equipment is preferable.

The refrigerator has found its place in a special niche near the kitchen; it is visually invisible, since it is built into the closet. Related Articles

For storage in the kitchen GulnaraUsed all the resources: the internal space of the floor cabinets is delimited in height, which allowed to install more shelves and fit more kitchen utensils. And the upper cabinets are used for storing utensils, but here there is a third level - these are narrow cabinets between the ceiling and the hanging closets of the kitchen, where toasters, bread makers, food processors and various gadgets are kept making the cooking process more convenient and quick.

In the living room there is a soft zone with a multimedia system, and on the border with the kitchen area found a nice and roomy round table.

The living room is also effectively usedSpace, for example, on the sides of the window behind the curtains are installed narrow bookcases, and behind the curtain, which divides the space into two zones, there is an ironing board and a pair of pictures - the landlady has not decided which of them she wants to see on the wall behind the sofa. children's room

In the design of the children's room is feltSome difference in the finish, and this is not surprising, because the choice of finishing materials and furniture was engaged in the daughter of Gulnara. When the child chooses the situation of his room, it teaches his responsibility and careful attitude to things, in addition, it gives the child freedom in the realization of their talents.

The daughter of the mistress studies diligently, studies musicAnd goes to art school - and now after the design of her room, she thought: instead of becoming a designer or an architect? How still it's great when the child himself chooses his profession and the cause of life, based on a positive experience!

The work area is correctly organized in the nursery, and it is located correctly, the light from the window falls on the left, there is also space for music and drawing.

The sleeping place is next to the storage area,And the bed itself deserves special attention: it is double, that is, an extra bed is left from it - an ideal solution for small apartments. Bathroom

The modest area of ​​the bathroom is compensatedMirror wall decoration and the correct arrangement of equipment. Near the tub in the column installed washing and drying machine, and this is not a monoblock, but two separate devices, which are connected by a special mounting kit.

A tumble dryer is a mustin the modern world and in our climate, since if there is one, you no longer need to look for a ventilated place to dry your clothes, now it is enough to transfer it from the washing machine to the dryer, and after a while the clothes will be completely dry. Related Articles Corridor

We can conditionally call this space a corridor, since its main function is to demarcate rooms and create storage places, such as built-in cabinets. Entrance hall

And if the theater begins with a hanger, then it is withThis is the way the apartment starts to be loved. The hallway is quite small, its area is a little over six meters, but due to the built-in wardrobe with mirrored panels the hallway looks more spacious.

When we went into this apartment, we immediatelyFelt welcome guests: the hallway is filled with light and decor, which creates a mood. Gulnara provided in the hallway a second concealed wardrobe for storing outerwear and installed a comfortable bench for shoes.

First of all, living apartments are interesting becauseThey do not hide anything and demonstrate how the created interior fits into people's lives. What changes have occurred and how the space interacts with the inhabitants.

The abundance of textures and discreet colors makethis apartment is stylish, and the presence of a "live" decor creates a unique impression of comfort and home warmth. Today we showed you a real apartment that has not lost its luster after renovation and decoration, but on the contrary - has opened and shone. Bathroom:

  • Bath - Alpen, Austria;
  • Sink + faucet - Jacob Delafon, France;
  • Bathtub faucets - Hansgrohe, Germany;
  • Toilet bowl - BelBagno, Italy;
  • Installation for toilet - Geberit Switzerland.


  • Dining group - Eames Style;
  • Sofa - HomeMe;
  • Other furniture and kitchen - IKEA.


  • Paint - Dulux;
  • Decorative plaster - Decorazza;
  • Ceramic tiles - Kerama Marazzi.

Technique for the care of linen, built-in appliances for the kitchen - Miele, Germany.

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