Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Interior design of an apartment of 460 square meters

What should be the interior of the apartment youngcreative family? Unusual, bright? Or should the house be calm and comfortable? For this apartment was found the perfect solution: the elements of classics and art deco give the right mood to the space. In the hands of professionals, there was a beautiful object: a spacious apartment of free planning in LCD "Legend of the Colored" with panoramic windows from floor to ceiling. And the customers are a young family, bright and creative people, easily going to an experiment. So, it was necessary to create an unusual interior: using saturated colors, interesting combinations of design elements and elegant accessories. Architect Peteris Lauchka-Lovchko, decorators Kathy Ryzhov and Elena Tokmacheva: - The owners of the apartments liked our creativity, and from the first meeting there was a feeling that hardly anyone else, except our trio, would be suitable for the embodiment of the atmosphere that the customers wanted to bring in his house. Cathy and Elena share the view of the mistress of the house about the family hearth, and Peteris Lauchka-Lovchko subtly felt the customer's dream about the modern space, but with the atmosphere that appears at the thought of the houses of the intelligentsia of bygone days. Apartments in this residential complex are designed taking into account the latest standards for the status of residential real estate, and are equipped with progressive eco-technologies and energy-saving equipment. The combined spacious living rooms and kitchen areas, individual bathrooms and dressing rooms in each bedroom, laundry and service rooms give space for the creativity of designers and the freedom to implement all the wishes of the customer. Accordingly, having an "intelligent" apartment, customers set the task to create an interior with the application of modern trends, not only in design, but also in technological equipment. The apartment was completely absentany partitions and internal walls. There were only a few supporting columns, which were necessary to turn from the interfering elements of the structure into the dignity of space. Before the development of the layout, customers listed their wishes for the number and area of ​​premises. So it was decided to build a living room, a kitchen-dining room, a study, three bedrooms and a playroom. Designers decided to turn the columns into brightaccents. For their decor, travertine and wood were used as a cladding and additional lighting, which emphasizes them in the dark, and continues the architectural concept of the building itself indoors. Style solution According to the style of special wishesowners of the apartment was not. But when discussing an interior designer should always be a bit of a psychologist. So at this object, when communicating with customers, designers have a general idea of ​​their lifestyle, tastes, values. And on the basis of this impression, the first proposed sketch was approved immediately. Kathy Ryzhkova, decorator: - It is difficult to define the style, rather it is a modern interpretation of art deco and classics ... In light execution, taking into account modern trends towards free space and laconic forms. Furniture and accessories All furniture and doors inapartments are made to order according to the drawings and sketches of the authors of the project by the Italian manufacturer Luciano Zonta. So each element emphasizes that the interior is created individually for this family. Items of furniture were selected not in pursuit of certain brands, but following the desire to combine classical forms, innovative technologies and high quality. For example, in the living room was chosen soft furniture Fendi. And the center of the room was a magnificent grand piano,standing at the panoramic window, behind which the mistress performs her favorite musical compositions. The immense urban landscape and music create an indescribable impression - truly delightful! Kitchen-dining room deserves no less attention. Dark lines-inserts on the marble floor and the shape of the suspended ceiling in the kitchen made it possible to create the impression that the room has absolutely the right shape, and visually remove the wall difference. The glossy surfaces of the Francesco Molon kitchen set and the table tops of the dining table contrast with the light walls and the floor. Exquisite chandelier Barovier & Toso added the Art Deco charm to this room. Kathy Ryzhkov, decorator: - Although customers and young, but they felt education with a tendency toward tradition. During the discussion of the design it became clear that the owner of the apartment wants a chamber cabinet with wooden panels on the walls. With a sofa on which you can lie, look out the window, smoke a cigar, sip cognac ... The interior was formed from images and impressions. Kathy Ryzhkov, decorator: - Our main and only problem of this object - the column - was present in the office. It was decided to sew it with a tree so that it would be combined with furniture. The customer is fond of photos, and one of his works perfectly complemented the interior of the cabinet. Sea pier with birds is a classic story, but how interesting is this picture with gulls that lined up! And the perspective of the image takes the imagination beyond the cabinet. As the decor of the apartment were usedpaintings by Alexei Chaykasov. One of them is successfully placed in the corridor above the console, but the real highlight is the one that is located in the partition that serves as the head of the bed. The partition is necessarya structural element in a bedroom with panoramic glazing. The headboard is a light-box, lined with onyx, on the sides - mirrors tinted under bronze. Zoning and visual expansion are tasks that are relevant to many premises. Namely, in this - the move is particularly advantageous, because the mirrors reflect the sky! From the entrance to the bedroom, the wall is covered with leather. And in the center is the picture of Chaikasov's "The First Kiss", a sweet and quivering story that brings a certain irony to the interior of the bedroom. The furniture was given special attention,all is provided for small things and for ergonomics, and for functionality. For example, in a gaming shelving specifically designed for children to use it not only for storing books and toys, but also climbing on shelves and sitting in different levels of niches. The children'scharacter of the child. Her master is a pre-school boy with versatile interests: sports, reading, designing, cars. And the designers managed to visually convey his hobbies. The interior uses light colors, simple shapes, natural materials. Color accents in the form of a turquoise chair and posters with the image of retro cars - from the personal collection of customers. Finishing materialsPriority was given to natural materials: a parquet from a nut as a floor covering, natural wallpaper, decorative plaster on the basis of harmless dyes. Art Deco is characterized by exclusivity and expensive materials. Pass this property and toilets of the apartment: the walls are decorated with marble and decorated with a rust of metal. Kathy Ryzhkov, decorator: - With these customers it was easy and fun to work with. We had a warm relationship, and after completing work on the object that lasted a year, the most valuable thing was that people trusted our experience, and the result even exceeded their expectations. A good evaluation is the most valuable in the work of a designer. It is noteworthy that during the repair their family became larger, and they entered the apartment with a newborn. Sincerely we wish them well-being and peace in the new house! Incarnated by the creative trio - architect PeterisLauchka-Lovchko and decorators Kathy Ryzhov and Elena Tokmacheva - the design of the apartment illustrates that the classical style in modern interpretation is a good basis for the transfer of family values. Elements of art deco give a special charm to space. And in combination, you get a refined and comfortable interior. In this interior used:

  • All cabinet furniture and doors are made according to sketches of designers - the Luciano Zonta factory;
  • Living room - upholstered furniture Fendi; side tables Dom Edizioni;
  • kitchen - Francesco Molon suite;
  • bedroom - Baker, designed by Thomas Pheasant;
  • cabinet - Fendi sofa, banquet and chair of the Eve factory;
  • game room - sofa Ivano Redaelli;
  • bathrooms - marble J STONE, sinks Milldue, bath for two Antonio Luppi;
  • fixtures - Barovier & Toso;
  • paintings by Andrei Vereshchagin and Alexei Chaykasov;
  • wallpaper - Arte;
  • parquet - Ebony and Co.

The finishing works were carried out by the Serbian company chosen by the customer.