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Renovated in a new building: a three-room apartment with a library in English style -

What makes the interior noble? What materials are suitable for long-term investment? About this and many other things told us the team of the studio "Arch.Predmet", which created a cozy family interior, which will not bore you in five or ten years. Inspired by another country, the interior is a complicated thing, and making it look organic in the Russian realities is even more difficult . Masters from the design studio "Arch.Predmet" know exactly how to do it, and today they share their experience in transforming an ordinary three-room apartment into a real English interior, which, like good cognac, only gets better over the years. Ekaterina Tulupova, Designer Graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University), specializing in interior design, as well as a master course at the Milan Technical University, specializing in interior design. Since 2007, she worked as an interior designer in the design bureau of Russia and Italy. In August 2011, together with the architect Olesya Sitnikova, she founded her own studio "Arh.Predmet". Creates a modern author's interpretation of interior styles of the XX century both in Russia and abroad. It is included in the list of the best designers of Russia according to AD. Together with Olesya Sitnikova is the author of the idea and curator of the annual exhibition of modern Russian industrial design in the historic interiors "Subject". Olesya Sitnikova, architect Graduated from the architectural faculty of the University of Civil Engineering and the master's course at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, specializing in interior design. Since 2006, he has been working as an architect and designer in leading design bureaus of Russia. In 2011, together with designer Ekaterina Tulupova, she founded the studio "Arch.Predmet". Not giving preference to a particular style, works in its own author's style. It is included in the list of the best designers of Russia according to AD. Together with Ekaterina Tulupova she is the author of the idea and curator of the annual exhibition of modern Russian industrial design in the historical interiors "Subject". The apartment in a quiet, cozy area near the park was designed for a family of three people: a husband, wife and their teenage child. The main wish of the customers was the creation of an interior out of time. This was achieved with the help of a high-quality classic finish, while the "filling" of premises - textiles and accessories - is chosen so that you can change it depending on your mood. The apartment is in a new building, soThe need for a radical redevelopment was not. Customers were offered several options for planning solutions, one of which was almost immediately approved. As a result, the kitchen was combined with, but separated from the living room - it was important for the owners. The main bedroom was connected to a garbage room, opposite the children's room. A guest laundry was organized in the guest bathroom. The resulting interior is difficult to attribute toA certain style. As a source of inspiration, designers from the studio "Arch.Predmet" chose England and created eclecticism with an English accent. The project used classical techniques: Versailles oak parquet, cornices, moldings and high plinth, but with laconic profiles without any decoration. The living room turned out really veryClassical: symmetrical and noble. As the primary colors were selected gray, gold and bronze. The sofas of classical forms here coexist with modern tables and conceptual paintings. Two large shelves have become a repository for books, thereby adding a living room function to the home library. In the bedroom, the color scheme turned out slightly moreLight and warm - that is what you need for the mood for rest. - the most necessary, but a lot of decor: starting with plants in large tubs and finishing with a decorative screen made to order. Do not forget the designers and about the bed: it was decorated with a multitude and a soft fluffy rug. Color density of walls in all roomsThe same, but the shade changes: in the living room is used olive, in the dining room it responds in the countertop and apron, and on the walls we see a warmer, brown tone. For the bedroom they chose a paint with a light purple tinge. When the work was just beginning, the client insisted on lighter gradations, and the designers - on the darker ones. As a result, a compromise was reached. For the customer it was very important to choose a stone. Carefully selected slabs for the bathroom allowed to build the interior on a low-key, but complex, "dusted" color scheme. The shower, located opposite the entrance, was trimmed with a beautiful stone slab of gray-green hue, which is also found on the table top. Olesya Sitnikova and Ekaterina Tulupova, studio "Arch.Subject ": - If an apartment is designed for a long-term period, as in this case, it is important to invest in architecture, engineering and plumbing, choosing natural finishing materials. The project was worked by Olesya Sitnikova, Ekaterina Tulupova and Anna Bakhmetova. Photos of Sergey Ananyev. In the interior were used: Living room

  • Sofas - Duresta (Great Britain);
  • A coffee table - Design Place (Russia);
  • Bookcases - Pregno (Italy);
  • Coffee table - Crate and Barrel (USA);
  • Floor lamp - Visual Comfort (USA);
  • Carpet - Kovör Büro (Russia);
  • Painting "Square" - artist M. Kastalskaya, gallery Art Ru (Russia);
  • Painting "Waiting for Light" - artist M. Kolotvina, gallery Art Ru (Russia);
  • Paint - Manders (Great Britain).


  • A bed - Vanguard Furniture (USA);
  • Screen - Home Concept (Russia);
  • Decor - Crate and Barrel (USA);
  • Fixtures - Visual Comfort (USA);
  • The carpet is designed by Jan Kata, Kovör Büro (Russia);
  • Decor - Arteriors Home (USA);
  • Curbstones - Selva Furniture (Italy).


  • Painting - artist M. Medvedev, gallery Art Ru (Russia);
  • Console - Selva Furniture (Italy);
  • Screen - by individual order.


  • Kitchen furniture - according to the individual project of the workshop "Antik Style" (Russia);
  • Dining table - Selva Furniture (Italy);
  • Chairs - LCI (Italy);
  • Fixtures - Visual Comfort (USA);
  • Decor - (Russia).