The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Two-bedroom apartment with elements of art deco on Novoslobodskaya -

The owners of this Moscow apartment dreamed ofa folding sofa for guests in the living room, but got a completely new layout and an exquisite neoclassical interior in addition The owners of a three-room apartment in the Italiansky Kvartal residential complex - a middle-aged couple - wanted to create a beautiful and functional living space with an elegant interior and a well-thought-out layout that matches their image life. With this request, they turned to the designer, who managed to realize all their wishes. Alexander Krivov, designer Until 2009, he worked in large companies in the field of construction and real estate, at the same time doing interior design. In 2009, he received an education in interior design at the London KLC School of Design, after which he founded his own studio Golden Silk Interiors. Alexander works in different styles both in Russia and abroad. Creating each of his projects, he strives to make not only a beautiful, but also a utilitarian and most comfortable interior for life. The main wish of the customers was related to the planning decision. The original layout assumed a standard kitchen-living room-bedroom set, but the owners like to receive guests who often stay overnight, so it was important to have a large or folding sofa in the living room. In response to this wish, he proposed to make a redevelopment and abandon a separate kitchen, moving it into the living room, and turn the resulting free space into a guest bedroom with the prospect of transforming it into a nursery. Stylistically the apartment is designed in modernclassics with elements of art deco. Only the bathroom is knocked out of the ensemble: it turned out to be more modern and dynamic, although here there was a hint of art deco - a round mirror in a massive frame. The overall color scheme of the apartment was verylight and calm: the main colors - beige, white, shades of gray, bronze details and texture of wood. The role of color spots is played by pictures that are in all rooms. Alexander Krivov, designer: - I, as a designer in all my projects, use painting. Owners of the apartment - people are rather conservative, so for the living room and their bedroom they preferred a more traditional and quiet style of paintings. In the guest bedroom, at my serve, they decided to experiment. The public area is actually divided into twoparts: kitchen-dining room and directly living room with sofa and TV group. In order not to burden the space, it was decided not to resort to strict zoning and to do with a competent arrangement that would separate the two parts of the room. The kitchen zone turned out to be a real chameleon: due to the color scheme and simple shapes of the sets from the Italian factory Aster Avenue almost merges with the wall and "dissolves" in the air, without attracting attention. Built-in technology also helps to achieve this effect and also significantly saves space. In addition to paintings, the warm light palette of the living-dining room is diluted by a gray color, the shades of which we meet on curtains and elegant dining chairs Marie's Corner. The situation in the master bedroom is quite calmand minimalist: only the necessary furniture (bed, console with TV, wall cupboard and bedside tables) and restrained decor. Despite the fact that the apartment has a separate dressing room, to store clothes in the bedroom there is a bespoke capacious wardrobe from floor to ceiling. As already mentioned, the guest bedroom has becomeplace of experiments: here we see more bold paintings, and unusual sconces, and a lamp from Porta Romana, and a variety of art objects. Also in the guest room there is a home library, the shelving for which, like the bedside tables with a bronze base and stone countertop, is made to order according to the sketches of the designer. Despite the characteristic for this apartmentneutral range, thanks to a variety of textures the bathroom looks elegant and expensive. Walls and floors are decorated with tiles and mosaics Atlas Concorde, plumbing and mixers - German manufacturers, Villeroy & Boch and Hansgrohe, respectively. All interior doors with a height of 250 cm, as well as an internal overlay on the front door are made to order specifically for this project. In this interior were used: Living-dining room:

  • sofa - Meridiani (Italy);
  • armchairs - Marie's Corner (Belgium);
  • coffee table - Barbara Barry (USA);
  • dining chairs - Marie's Corner (Belgium);
  • dinner table - Ensemble London (USA);
  • walls - paint Dulux Diamond (Great Britain);
  • moldings, plinths, ceiling cornices - Orac Decor (Belgium);
  • flooring - engineering board Finex Floors (Russia), the Vincinatta collection;
  • a curbstone for audio and video equipment - Philipp Selva (Italy);
  • lamps, chandeliers, sconces - Visual Comfort (USA).


  • furniture - Aster Avenue (Italy);
  • cooker and hob - Kuppersbusch (Germany);
  • refrigerator and wine cabinet - Liebherr (Germany).

Master bedroom:

  • The bed is made to order according to the sketches of the designer;
  • flooring - engineering board Finex Floors (Russia), the Vincinatta collection;
  • the cabinet is made to order according to the sketches of the designer;
  • wallpaper - Arte (Belgium), collection Flamant;
  • chest of drawers - Ginger & Jagger (Portugal);
  • fixtures - Visual Comfort (USA).


  • tiles and mosaics - Atlas Concorde (Italy);
  • plumbing - Villeroy & Boch (Germany);
  • mixers - Hansgrohe (Germany).

Entrance hall:

  • walls - paint Dulux Diamond (Great Britain);
  • flooring - granite;
  • built-in wardrobe is made to order according to designer's sketches;
  • fixtures - Visual Comfort (USA).