Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Style loft in the interior of a New York apartment


This, in fact, a classic loft with leather sofas and brick walls has something to surprise. We were most struck by the glass floors in the library

This huge New York loft from ODAarchitecture can be safely considered a city alternative to a country house. A calm modern interior with a light touch of unprecedented popularity now 60's. Unpretentious traditional forms, simple, natural for loft space materials are only rarely diluted with bright decisions and accents.

Perhaps the most active part of the interior -city ​​landscape outside the windows. Opportunities to contemplate a city that never sleeps, here you have more than enough - windows we did not count only on stairwells and in the kitchen.

One such solution is the glass floor inlibrary, located on the second level directly above the living room. The bedroom in comparison with the rest of the areas is very small and very light - most of the walls are painted here in white.

The same white walls can be seen in the kitchen. Here they are designed to contrast with the saturated facades of dark wood. White marble countertop and Metro apron support the idea.

As bright spots in this interior, for the most part, painting and photography are used. Art objects are quite different both in style and age. A special mention deserves a spacious terrace behind the black French doors. It replaces the owners of the yard, and is fully accessible for use all year round.