With your own hands

What can I do from the remains of wallpaper by myself: ideas and photos


The remains of wallpaper from previous repairs canDo a good service, help transform space and become a beautiful addition to the interior. How to use the remains of wallpaper in the interior? We have collected 10 practical ideas and 30 inspirational examples. Wallpapers are able to change your interior beyond recognition! And this applies not only to "freshly bought" rolls. Small pieces that you have left after previous repairs, will help to update not only the walls, but also cabinets, chests of drawers, lamps and even stairs. And it will always look attractive, original and interesting.

1. The accent of one wall

It happens that after the repair it is not easytrim, but also a couple of rolls. This amount is usually not enough to cover the whole room, but it is quite enough for one wall. This technique is very popular, allowing you to refresh the interior, spending a minimum of time and money. In addition, this way you can zone the space or focus on a certain part of the room.

2. Patchwork made of wallpaper on the walls

If you find several different types of wallpaper,then by combining them and making the same squares, you can paste over with them not only one wall, but the whole room (of course, if this amount is enough). The patchwork technique is very relevant today, even when it comes to wallpaper. But do not forget about color combinations, choose no more than three basic shades. Our opinion: - As for color combinations, white is considered the most universal color, which is in harmony with all shades. It looks best with red, black, brown, purple, peach and blue. Wallpaper in beige shades will go well with gray, purple, terracotta, marsh, olive, chocolate and light brown colors. Gray looks good in combination with blue, pink, green and yellow. But black is good with cream, beige and chocolate shades, slightly diluted with bright red or yellow.

3. False panels

Another way to make the interior more interesting- false panels created with moldings and wallpaper. It is suitable if the interior is made in a classic style, where false panels in this design are appropriate. They give the interior a certain solemnity, so wallpapers from a nursery with the image of cartoon characters are unlikely to be suitable for this type of decor. Neutral patterns and shades, floral motifs will look best.

4. External decor of furniture

Bored with old furniture?Have the wardrobe and chest of drawers got a shabby look? It is easy to fix this with wallpaper. If you do not plan to further varnish the product, then both paper and vinyl wallpapers will do. Otherwise, vinyl wallpaper will have to be discarded, as it can dissolve under the influence of varnish. And it is also worth remembering that when varnishing, the color of the wallpaper will change and become darker. Our opinion: - Before applying varnish on the wallpaper, prime it. This can be done with wallpaper glue or PVA diluted with water. Apply a thin layer of the primer after the glued wallpaper is dry. Once the primer is dry, proceed with varnishing. For these purposes, both ordinary parquet and water-based varnish, which are preferred by masters today, are suitable. To make sure that nothing happens to the wallpaper after varnishing, first try the process on a small piece, and then, making sure that everything is fine, proceed to the rest of the wallpaper.

5. Interior decoration of furniture

No less interesting are the shelves that are openCurbstones and cupboards, pasted inside the wallpaper. This reception enlivens the space, makes it more homely and cozy. Particularly advantageous will look such furniture, if the color of the wallpaper will resonate with a touch of decorative pillows or curtains. But it is worth considering that decorating such a plan requires accuracy.

6. Lampshades from the wallpaper

Considering these ideas, we came to the conclusion thatWallpapers are a universal material, which is useful for decorating walls, and decor furniture, and even to create attractive fixtures. From a small oblong piece of unnecessary paper you can get a stylish lampshade. If desired, it is easy to cut out with a clerical knife patterns or certain shapes that, when the light is on, will reflect on the walls.

7. Head of bed

In smaller bedrooms you can often meetBeds without backs, as their counterparts with luxurious headboards are often bulky and designed for large rooms. In an effort to highlight the comfort zone, many still make the head of the bed with their own hands. In the course are wooden boards, fabric, wall painting and photo frames. And we suggest using the remains of wallpaper, which also perfectly fit the role of the headboard. In this case, it is more practical to use vinyl and washable wallpaper.

8. Stairs

Many do not dare to experiment withInterior of the house and spend their design experiments at the dacha. There is where to go for a walk - even a ladder can become an object for testing. For her decor, just those remnants that you want to throw out right after repair are suitable, because they have the wrong shape and are too short to be used for their intended purpose.

9. Worktops

In order to decorate your favorite table topCoffee table, you do not need glue. It will take only a piece of wallpaper and a piece of glass, suitable in size. So, you do not have to spoil the table with glue, and at any time you can remove or change the wallpaper.

10. Wallpapers in the frame

The easiest way to apply even smallPieces of wallpaper - put them in a frame. Create a composition from frames of different sizes, also experiment with flowers or wallpaper drawings. Stylishly look the same wallpaper in the same frames, located from each other at a short distance. Interiorescreativos.es, project187.wordpress.Com, igbox.co, live2getradicalll.blogspot.com, royaldesignstudio.com, iemo.jp, bricolaje.facilisimo.com, meyersstyles.com, mebelica.ru, barshaus.com, remontbp.com