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Design of the attic: bedroom, luxury shower and natural materials


The design of the attic, where everything is simple, but at the same time very stylish, spectacular, cozy and modern. Do you think that this is impossible? Take a look and see for yourself!

Natural textures and naturalistic colors used in this project create an atmosphere of tranquility and blur the line between the interior and the pine forest outside the windows. Svetlana Ilyina, interior designer

Laureate of the award of the Interia Award 2016 in a special nomination.

The winner of the All-Russia competition Designers Guild "The best interior using fabrics Designers Guild".

Multiple winner of the competitions PINWIN. The author of more than 40 projects.

Svetlana's design studio creates copyrightinteriors of a high level, based on the wishes and preferences of customers, using interesting technological solutions, trends in interior design and art objects.

The house is located on a plot surrounded by pineBoron. In each window of the spacious attic, the tops of century-old pines are visible. This served as the basis for the interior solution - to create in the bedroom the feeling that you are in a forest, surrounded by trees, alone with nature. It was necessary to create a relaxation zone surrounded by natural cozy materials, a visual sense of silence, where you can hear the pines rustling with needles.

A spacious room was decided not to clutter upPartitions - walls separated only a bathroom and a landing. All the zones - sleeping, storage, working and shower rooms - are combined in a spacious room and permeated with the spirit of a pine forest looking in through the windows.

The shower and morning toilet zone is located underAn attic window. By washing or taking a shower as if entering a forest - you can admire the tops of the pines in the open attic window and breathe in the clean forest air of the pine forest, flowing into the shower. The walls of the shower cabin cut a massive wooden tabletop with a built-in glass sink, through the transparent bottom of which you can see the pattern of the mosaic Appiani. The worktop continues as a working or dressing table, under which boxes for laundry and other items are placed.

The project uses a wonderful laconic shower panel Fantini Acquapura with a built-in shower system on one side and a mirrored panel on the bedroom side.

The project uses cabinet furniture of the factoryLago. These are suspended cabinets and chests of the Air series - air. They look easy, do not clutter the space visually, and the glossy varnish of the facades creates additional reflexes to the naturalistic colors in which they are made.

Sicily bed from Dream Land with a headboard in the form ofThe fabric panels create a cozy and eco-friendly atmosphere in the bedroom. For the same purpose used accessories and textiles jag zoeppritz - pouf, made of jute rope, photo frames made of aged wood also support the natural theme of the interior. Amusing JAGS series pillows from jag zoeppritz soften the severity of the furniture lines and give the irony to the quiet interior.

The wall at the head of the bed is decorated with fadedThe sun is a wooden panel of coniferous Cube Altholz from Admonter, which, in addition to the visual and tactile natural effect, bring the smell of pine bark to the interior.

Floors from a wooden massive board are the best for creating an environmentally friendly interior.

To illuminate a large area with a complex shapeThe ceiling was decided to use diode luminaires of the micro Blade system - gypsum modules, built in the ceiling. This system allows you to evenly illuminate all areas of the attic, while creating the effect of sunrays piercing through the crowns of trees.

This interior is a unique combination of the comfort of civilization and the beauty of the living world.