Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Design of a small apartment for a family with a child: a bedroom and a children's room in a one-room

Competently plan space with an area of ​​33square, have time to implement the project 2 months before the birth of the child and fulfill all the wishes of customers - the project of this small odnushki was a real challenge for designer Victoria Pashinskaya. And how she coped with it, tell in this material Compact odnushki area of ​​20-30 squares - an excellent start for students and young couples, but if it comes to a family with a small child, then it is much more difficult to plan such an apartment. That's the customers of this project - a young married couple expecting replenishment - have asked the designer to decorate the interior of their tiny odnushki area of ​​33 square meters. m so that it was comfortable to live in and did not have to give up a full bed or a comfortable kitchen. Victoria Pashinskaya, designer Victoria - founder and head of the studio PV Design Studio. In 2011 she graduated from the Faculty of Interior Design MGHPU them. Stroganov, and since 2012 is a member of the Union of Designers of Moscow. Victoria's works are exhibited at art exhibitions in Russia, as well as published in various Russian and foreign publications. Participant of projects on TV channels TNT, MIR, etc. Professional credo: "The success of any project consists of the ability to hear and understand the customer, a well thought out spatial planning solution, adherence to the budget framework and an interesting plastic and coloristic space solution." Layout For small apartments, the right planning is crucial, and Victoria had to think it over in such a way as to solve several problems at once: create a recreation area with a full bed, allocate a place for a child, organize a comfortable kitchen and provide for a sufficient number of storage systems. At the same time, there was no possibility of making a radical redevelopment of the apartment. As a result, Victoria divided the space of the apartment into three zones: for parents, a child and meals, and also took into account the wishes of customers about the soundproofing of the bedroom. Design solutions To visually makeapartment more spacious, Victoria used several classic techniques: a light color scheme, glossy and mirrored surfaces, non-bulky furniture of simple shapes. Base colors of the interior are white, gray and beige, and the accents are shades of green and brown. Another problem of the apartment - low ceilings -decided the correct location of the built-in lighting and the color solution of the ceiling. And in the area of ​​the nursery on the walls are vertical strips, smoothly flowing to the ceiling, which also visually increase the height of the room. Kitchen A small kitchen was planned in such a wayway, that it was able to accommodate all the necessary equipment and many storage systems. To save space, the dining group was placed at the window, turning the window sill into a table top. Under it to the right organized boxes for additional storage. In the design of the kitchen, Victoria used a combination of different textures: the glossy surfaces here side by side with matte and overlap with chrome accessories. Room The interior of the living room was given specialAttention. Sound insulation, which was a prerequisite for customers, also influenced the footage, so creating a sense of spaciousness was especially important. The central place in the parental zone was occupied by a white double bed with soft upholstery, on the other hand, a TV-zone was located, and at the window the designer organized a comfortable workplace, behind which one can do business and just read it in the evening. It was decided to separate the children's zone from the restRoom space with light light curtains. A cot with a canopy, a comfortable chair for a mother and a changing table-chest of drawers with capacious drawers, opposite a closet, are located at the wall. Thinking over the design of a living room, Victoriatook care not only of beauty and functionality, but also about safety. All small things that are not intended for the baby are stored on shelves or in pendant lockers outside its reach, and the space and rooms and kitchens are completely safe for small disguises - there are no fragile structures in the interior, and storage systems are thought out so that the child accidentally does not take care of himself not overturned. Bathroom For customers is very importantorder in the apartment, so the bathroom provides many storage systems: a hanging closet for personal care products, boxes under the sink - for household chemicals. Also in the bathroom there was room for a traditional bath with chrome mixers and accessories. To the bathroom area of ​​3 square meters. m seemed more spacious, it was also designed in a fairly light color scheme, choosing for decoration a wood imitation tile of two different shades and white plumbing. Hallway As in the bathroom, for the decoration of the walls inhallway used light tiles for wood: a practical and at the same time a very cozy option. The main storage system is also located here - capacious built-in wardrobes with a dedicated compartment for keeping things in order and quick accessibility. A chest of drawers with drawers and a mirror hid behind one of the cabinets, and to the left of the entrance door there is an open hanging hanger and a comfortable soft banquet, which also provides a storage space. In this interior were used: Entrance hall:

  • tiles - Vallelunga (Italy), collection Tabula.


  • lamp - Eglo (Austria);
  • headset and dining table made to order according to the designer's sketches;
  • dining chairs - shop "Life Mebel" (Russia), model DC-001.


  • bed - Ormatek (Russia), model Life 1 Box;
  • chair - shop "LifeMebel" (Russia), model DC-001;
  • ceiling lamp - St Luce (Italy);
  • spotlight - Eglo (Austria);
  • recessed rotary lamp - Arte Lamp (Italy), model Technika;
  • a changing chest of drawers - "Red Star" (Russia);
  • a cot - "Kubanlesstroy" (Russia);
  • seat with cushion-seat - IKEA (Sweden), model "FINNTORP / UPVIK";
  • doors - Sofia (Russia), collection Classic;
  • Wallpaper - Sanderson (UK), Maycott collection;
  • laminate for walls - Quick-Step (Belgium);
  • parquet board - Timberwise (Finland).


  • bath - Albert & Bayer (Germany);
  • sink - Valente (Germany), Inizio collection;
  • suspended toilet seat Villeroy & Boch (Germany), collection Architectura;
  • installation system for a suspended toilet - Geberit (Switzerland);
  • tiles - Vallelunga (Italy), collection Tabula.